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Re: Proposed IPv6 DNS Discovery Requirements

> From: "Hesham Soliman (ERA)" <hesham.soliman@era.ericsson.se>

> If it's a server, then how could you call the solution
> server-less? 

I think ignore the "word games" with "server-less or not". What is it
we exactly want? Isn't it something like

 I've a device of any type and I want to be able to rip it off from
 one network/ISP and plug it into another network/IPS using the same

If it needs any servers, wether it is DNS or DHCP server, the
addresses of those servers must be fixed and known (or become
automaticly known via some bootstrap process, through RA options?).

And the question just becomes: which service(s) we want to have
directly available: DNS? DHCP?

The rest of the possible services are then found through this directly
acquired (primary) service address. Do we have one such "primary"
service (DNS or DHCP) or multiple? And if only one, which it is?
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