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Re: Proposed IPv6 DNS Discovery Requirements

At Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:38:35 -0700, Bob Hinden wrote:
> There are issues raised in solutions like this to insure that the 
> co-located services are adequately tied together.  For example in case of a 
> "DHCP server in the DNS server" the processes need to be tied together in a 
> manner that the DHCP process would not provide the address of the DNS 
> server if the DNS server process was down.  Or that the DHCP server not 
> provide the addresses for other DNS serves unless it knows that they are up 
> and available.

I suspect that upon close examination all solutions will have issues
along these lines (anycast certainly does).

In any case, I agree that such issues are part of the analysis.

> So I think the examples you raised do fit with the definition.  My intent 
> was that the requirements should allow for a of number different 
> solutions.  Picking a specific solution requires evaluating the strengths 
> and weaknesses of the specific solution.

Ok, thanks.
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