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Re: Anycast Addresses being used for Nodes not just Routers; anycast as Source IP address

>Actually, I will have to let on to a little secret.  I have been
>looking at an option for anycast that looks strikingly similar to the
>Home Address option in MIPv6.  The idea is that a server responding to
>an anycast query will put the anycast address in this option and its
>own unicast address in the source address field.  The option can be
>protected with an AH header, thus allowing the sender to authenticate
>that the response is coming from a member of the anycast group.
>This option would also allow for TCP connections to an anycast address.
>A TCP implementation could allow a connection to an anycast address
>as long as it recognizes the option containing the anycast address.
>The option would also preserve the use of RPF filtering on source

	it was already discussed in the past, and dropped after deering's
	comment - source address limitation rule must be applied to
	the content of home address option, so we can't put multicast
	address or anycast address into home address optioon (based on RFC2460).
	pls see anycast-analysis draft.

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