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RE: MLD comments on cellular host drafts - seeking feedback

  > > Sorry, that isn't the correct model.
  > Then it is the correct model, if you read my email it was 
  > mentioned that
  > SGSN is an L2 device. Also as one SGSN supports multiple 
  > mobiles - it needs
  > to know somehow which mobiles are part of an mcast group 
  > and that can be
  > done by MLD.

=> No. The model is not correct as we tried to 
explain. The SGSN does not 'see' the mobile's
traffic and does not do any 'L2 switching'. 
So your conclusion is not correct.

For more information, please refer to 3GPP
specs: TS 23.060 (any revision will explain
this issue clearly).


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