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Re: need clarification of "deprecated" address

>> 	it certainly make things better.  i would like to see description
>> 	in page 3 much shortened to avoid (possible) inconsistencies.
>I'd prefer not shortening this text, as it is explanatory/introductory
>for the novice reader. But, it should not be the definitive text.

	hmm.  as long as there's no inconsistency, i'm okay.

>Looking further in the document, there is specific text that says:
>> 5.5.4.  Address Lifetime Expiry
>I would prefer clarifying the text here. How about changing the first
>paragraph as follows:
>    A preferred address becomes deprecated when its preferred lifetime
>    expires.  A deprecated address SHOULD continue to be used as a
>    source address in existing communications, but SHOULD NOT be used
>    to initiate new communications if an alternate (non-deprecated)
>    address of sufficient scope can easily be used instead.  Note that
>    the feasibility of initiating new communication using a
>    non-deprecated address may be an application-specific decision, as
>    only the application may have knowledge about whether the (now)
>    deprecated address was (or still is) in use by the application.
>    IP and higher layers (e.g., TCP, UDP) MUST continue to accept and
>    process datagrams destined to a deprecated address as normal since
>    a deprecated address is still a valid address for the
>    interface. In the case of TCP, this means TCP SYN segments sent to
>    a deprecated address are responded to using the deprecated address
>    as a source address in the corresponding SYN-ACK (if the
>    connection would otherwise be allowed).  An implementation MAY
>    prevent any new communication from using a deprecated address, but
>    system management MUST have the ability to disable such a
>    facility, and the facility MUST be disabled by default.
>Would this address your concerns?

	looks great!

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