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IEEE Communications Magazine Feature Topic on IPv6 - CFP

              ** CALL FOR PAPERS **

           IEEE Communications Magazine

"IPv6 - The basis for the next generation Internet"

The next version of the Internet Protocol called IPv6 has evolved
considerably since it as first defined in the early 90's. Whereas the main
thrust of IPv6 is the greatly increased addressing space, which is expected
to provide ample address space for the foreseeable future, IPv6 also
introduces several other features like integrated security (IPsec),
ntegrated multicasting, improved mobility support (Mobile IPv6), QoS support
with the  provisioning of flow labels and autoconfiguration. Router products
supporting dual stack operation with IPv4 and IPv6 have entered the market
during the last two years. Nevertheless the adoption of IPv6 is progressing
rather slowly. This is mainly due to the fact that the introduction of a new
network layer is a difficult and expensive step for network operators and
ISPs and a strong demand for IPv6 from the user perspective is still
lacking. However, the shortage of addresses particularly in Asia and Europe
and the trend to mobile and ubiqitous networking makes the introduction of
IPv6 an urgent issue.

Scope of Expected Contributions
We invite contributions covering all aspects of next generation, IPv6-based
networks, including, but not limited to routing and address space
management, security and privacy aspects, multicasting and multimedia
distribution networks, mobile network architecture, impact on other protocol
layers and services, as well as performance aspects in IPv6. In
addition we invite contributions on IPv4 to IPv6 transition and introduction
strategies, large scale IPv6 trial experiences and commercial service
introduction, user requirements, as well as ubiquitous networking
applications and IPv6 management and operations support. Preference will be
given to contributions covering specific advantages or problems in large
scale IPv6 networks, rather than to introductory IPv6 papers.

Schedule and Submissions
· Submission Deadline: May 15, 2003
· Acceptance Notifications: August 15, 2003
· Final Manuscript Due: October 15, 2003
· Journal Publication: January 2004
· All contributions must be sent by email as .PDF or .PS files to all three

Feature Topic Editors

Heinrich J. Stüttgen
NEC Networking Laboratories
Kurfürstenanlage 36,
D 69115 Heidelberg, Germany
Email: stuttgen@ccrle.nec.de
Tel: +49 6221 90511 11
Fax: +49 6221 90511 55

Han-Chieh Chao
Department of Electrical Engineering
National Dong Hwa University
Hualien, Taiwan
E-mail: hcc@mail.ndhu.edu.tw
Tel: +886 3 8662500 ext.17001
Fax: +886 3 8662509

Daniel G. Waddington
Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA
E-mail: dwaddington@lucent.com
Tel: +1 732 949 3959

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