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Re: A use for site local addresses?

EricLKlein wrote:

>When did site local addresses die and why? I changed companies and missed
>several months of discussion.
>Currently I am working on NMS related changes based on:
>* FE8, FE9, FEA, and FEB are Link local addresses
>* FEC0 is the prefix of a site local address. Site local addresses are the
>equivalent of a private IPv4 address
>As stated by several other comments recently, I see taht there is not a
>consensus about the fate of Link local addresses.
>To many people are used to thinking of using the 10 net as their local
>(corporate or internal) address space. If we do not take this into account
>then these people will adopt ::10:X:X:X:X  as the local addresses just as
>before. When this is related to large companies and their internal (not
>addressable fro the public Internet) hardware they still need some sort of
>site or organization local addresses.
>We can not pass this by just to prevet slowing otherthings down. There are
>too many documents out there that refer to FEC0 as the site local, so you
>will not be able to use it for other applications, thus we will have a de
>facto standard based on old information while the offical standard will have
>no alternate.
Let's please remember that the architechture devised here will primarily 
be used to
run _applications_. Long experience shows that private addresses in any 
form are a
bad idea on the Internet. This was discussed at length on the v6 wg 
meeting last week
and I believe that deprecating sl is the best we can do.


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