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RE: A use for site local addresses?

EricLKlein wrote:

> > IP's should be globably unique. Which will overcome many problems
> > like network mergers ('oh we need to NAT now'), e2e problems etc.
> The new address features of IPv6 should resolve this as 
> easily as changing providers.

Well I thought that too at first untill some people who merged
big networks clued me in :)

> > And it should be quite possible for anybody to use one /64 out of
> > their /48 for 'printers' and 'microwaves'. Not even talking about
> > refridgerators full with IPv6 beer (seen that one already :)
> This means that every SOHO will get a /64? Or every company with 100
> employees (make that about 200 nodes)?

No a /48 per endsite. Or quoting Timothy Love (RIPE) at AIAD:
"when in doubt that a endsite will ever get more than one
subnet give them a /48"

Which boils down to give every endsite a /48, for the
ease of administration. Of course one could use one /48 or so
for giving out /64's from that.

The same as using /64's from your /48 for printers etc..

> Done this way we will be defingin IPv7 real quick, as the 
> unused addresses will add up very fast.

There should be enough, check the HD ratio RFC's.
Or Steve Deerings presentation:

> > I would like to give those appliances globally routable IP space
> > simply because it would allow my printer to order new paper from
> > the store when it's almost out. Or better... new beer in my fridge!
> Yes, or to have the new version of SPAM sent directly to your 
> printer rather than you e-mail or fax.

Never heard of a firewall? Just like normal SPAM you should ACL
your relay's, or just don't route certain blocks etc.
Remember: NAT is not security but obscurity


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