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Re: Draft IPv6 Minutes from Atlanta IETF

On Fri, Mar 28, 2003 at 04:43:23PM -0800, Tony Hain wrote:
> I agree that much of the group doesn't understand the requirements of
> the network managers, so I have started a draft on that subject. Granted
> this is an early pass, with content based primarily on previous email,
> but it does provide a basis for discussion. Comments requested:
> http://www.tndh.net/~tony/ietf/site-local.txt

It's good that this subject is attracting an I-D.

Perhaps we should first focus on "IPv6 address requirements for networks"
from which we could judge the relative merits and failings of solutions that
meet those requirements - address stability, surviving network disconnection,
renumbering on (re-)connection, etc... for different classes of networks.

Of course, a "Site Locals Considered Harmful" would also be useful (Keith, you 
know it makes sense, and less effort than 100 emails to the list :)

If such opinion can be documented we may save a few hundred emails when
Margaret puts out the call for list consensus (or maybe we won't...)

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