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Re: A use for site local addresses?

>>>> If you absolutely want NAT take a random address block and NAT it 
>>>> for
>>>> you. You will get the same problems / benefits.
>>> Who is going to priovide the registered addresses that will be used
>>> for all
>>> corporations and at what price? Most companies will not want to have
>>> to pay
>>> for a public address for all their printers and copiers (and
>>> microwaves as
>>> those are added by Microsoft).
>> You can get addresses from your upstream provider.
> Ok, if I understand this from a hardware (not application) point of 
> view  a
> company like IBM (or any other large company with multiple sites) will 
> be
> required to pay an upstream provider for (private) local IP addresses 
> for
> their printers. Think about it, at the hardware side of this we are
> encouraging them to keep using IPv4 for those items that will not be
> connected to the public internet.

You pay your provider per traffic volume or bandwidth. Not per IP 
address. At least non I know of. They will give you as much addresses 
you need. Now if you still want to put the globally unique addresses 
behind a NAT, you are free to. But it's a bad idea. The addresses given 
to you from your provider are not private.

- kurtis -

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