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RE: Draft IPv6 Minutes from Atlanta IETF

Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> Markku Savela wrote:
> ...
> > Even if IPv6 is enabled, the system administrator WILL not 
> give global 
> > addresses to the internal nodes anyways. If site locals are not 
> > available, they invent something else for the purpose.
> Access control lists in routers were in use for this years 
> before RFC 1597. Preventing unwanted access has never been a 
> valid argument for private addresses and never will be.

Let's try to be very crisp with the terms we are using. Private
addresses are exactly about preventing unwanted access. I believe your
intent was to say they are not an argument for ambiguous addresses. 

In the case of self controlled filters I would agree that the ambiguity
of the address is of limited value. In the case where a third party is
also responsible for some of that filtering, there is value in having
the world know to also filter.


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