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Re: Draft on a V6 documentation prefix

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 04:23:58PM -0700, Michel Py wrote:
> They certainly can, but the goal of the documentation prefix is to avoid
> hijacking of real prefixes when doing _lab_ work (after all, hijacking a
> prefix for documentation-only purposes without ever configuring these
> addresses is not wrong). The trouble with using things such as
> XXXX:XXXX::/32 and YYYY:YYYY::/32 is that they can't be configured on a
> router and won't prevent the hijacking of a real prefix when labing the
> case, which is what the documentation prefix tries to prevent from
> happening.

So if we do create this prefix, what's the difference between this and an
allocated prefix for private use in networks?   You're suggesting it's not
a documentation prefix, but a prefix for use in (disconnected) networks.
Throw in v6 NAT and... ;)

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