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Re: Draft on Globally Unique IPv6 Local Unicast Addresses

john.loughney@nokia.com wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> One small question:
> > I agree with kre completely up to this last point. It's more than
> > warm fuzzies. It is correct that if I pay 10 Euros for a copy of
> > the number "181:8008:7134", there is nothing to stop someone else using
> > it. But in fact, if I get my copy of "181:8008:7134" from a registry that
> > promises never to give anyone else a copy of it, then it's easy to decide
> > who wins if I ever encounter a clash with another copy of
> > "181:8008:7134".
> What is the decision making process, though?  How do you 'prove' ownership
> of "181:8008:7134"?

That is indeed the argument for escrowing the identity of the 
"purchaser" of each number, as suggested in Bob's draft. But maybe it
would cost more than 10 Euros to extract an entry from the escrow

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