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Re: Status of <draft-hinden-ipv6-global-local-addr-00.txt>

    Date:        Tue, 10 Jun 2003 10:47:53 -0700
    From:        Alain Durand <Alain.Durand@Sun.COM>
    Message-ID:  <3EE619C9.7030204@sun.com>

  | Reachability os one thing, but you may have to wait for TCP timeouts.
  | RFC1122, section  TCP Connection Failures
  | Says that the initial SYN has to wait at least 3 minutes...

You're assuming that I am actually using a TCP SYN to detect
reachability.   That isn't the way it is done.   We want to make
things work well, not arbitrarily slow them down.


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