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Re: Next steps on the IPv6 Node requirements draft

john.loughney@nokia.com wrote:

> For those IPv6 Nodes that implement DHCP, those nodes MUST use DHCP upon the receipt of a 
> Router Advertisement with the 'M' flag set (see section 5.5.3 of RFC2462).
So what if the M bit is set _and_ a prefix is advertized?
Should the node give up its stateless autoconfigured address in favor of 
What about statically configured addresses on the same node?

IMHO, it makes little sense to have both a DHCP allocated address and a 
autoconfigured address on the same interface. However, I see cases where 
you want
to have nodes using DHCP and nodes using stateless autoconfiguration on 
the same link.

    - Alain.

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