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RE: Requirements for Limited-Scope Unicast Addressing in IPv6


At 09:50 PM 6/20/2003, Michel Py wrote:
> > Fred Templin wrote:
> > A limited-scope addressing scheme is needed to replace the
> > now-deprecated site-local scheme from [RFC3513]
>The site-local scheme is not deprecated until there is a published
>document that states otherwise which will not happen until all the
>outstanding appeals have been resolved. Therefore the site-local scheme
>from RFC3513 which is in the standards track is still valid. Should you
>push this text to be published I can assure you that it will be appealed
>as well all the way to the IAB.

Your email saying that this work can not proceed or it will be appealed is 
out of line and an attempt to intimidate the IPv6 working group.  This is 
unacceptable and inconsistent with open IETF participation.  There is an 
appeal outstanding regarding the IPv6 working groups decision to deprecate 
site-local addresses, but until and if that decision of the working group 
is overturned, we will continue working under that decision.  You may make 
your own decision about whether or not to participate in this activity.

Bob Hinden
IPv6 w.g. co-chair

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