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Re: Requirements for Limited-Scope Unicast Addressing in IPv6

% > Bill Manning wrote:
% > ah.. perhaps my  issue is that your original note
% > used the term "production", while now you use the
% > term "operational".  they are different words w/
% > distinct meanings.
% Would you mind sharing these meanings?
% Michel.

	ok. my 1913 webster sez:

Operation \Op`er*a"tion\, n. [L. operatio: cf. F. op['e]ration.]

	2. The method of working; mode of action.

Production \Pro*duc"tion\, n. [L. productio a lengthening,
     prolonging: cf. F. production. See {Produce}. ]

	1. The act or process or producing, bringing forth, or
        exhibiting to view; as, the production of commodities, of
        a witness.


e.g.  IPv6 is now known to be operable, it can be made to operate.
      the IETF v6ops wg is looking at ways to take operational
      specifications and examine the impact on humans as they
      develop procedures for operating v6 networks.

      such an environment has, as its result, the production
      of operational procedures.  that still does not let the
      IETF determine when/if any organization has a production
      ipv6 service. the IETF can define specs and recommend 
      practice and thats as far as it goes, IMHO.

      your dictionary and expectation may differ.

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