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IPv6 w.g. Last Call on "IPv6 Node Information Queries"

This is a IPv6 working group last call for comments on advancing the 
following document as a Proposed Standard:

	Title		: IPv6 Node Information Queries
	Author(s)	: M. Crawford
	Filename	: draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-name-lookups-10.txt
	Pages		: 12
	Date		: 2003-6-27

This document was previously sent to the IESG for Proposed Standard.  The 
IESG responded with a number of comments.  The IESG discussion can be found 


The chairs believe that this draft resolves the issues raised by the 
IESG.  Given the time that has elapsed, we thought it was important to have 
another working group last call.  Changes in this draft include:

  - Move applicability statement to start of document and update
  - Removed Qtypes query capabilities
  - Limit returned TTL in node name to zero and removed text describing
    non-zero TTLs.
  - Remove text about A6 records
  - Change to have all new Qtypes require IETF approval
  - Updated security considerations

The reasoning behind this set of changes was to resolve the issues raised 
by the IESG and to maintain comparability with current shipping code.  Node 
Information Queries is shipping in the KAME and USAGI distributions and has 
been found to be very useful for deploying IPv6 service and debugging 
operational problems.

Please send substantive comments to the ipng mailing list, and minor 
editorial comments to the authors.  This last call period will end on 16 
July 2003.

Bob Hinden / Margaret Wasserman

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