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Re: [I-D] IPv6 DAD Consideration for 802.11 Environment

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, [EUC-KR] ڼȫ wrote:
> Today, 802.11 technology is the most famous L2 tech in our market. and 
> most guys agree that. However there are some problem to use an IPv6 address
> autoconfiguration since 802.11 station can not detect duplicated address
> with same MAC address.
> Please let me  know your view on this.... I believe it should be considered
> as one of node requirement...

The purpose of DAD is not to detect MAC address duplication, but IP 
address duplication.

If MAC addresses are the same, there are likely to be other problems 
besides IP operations in the LAN (e.g. I don't know for sure how switches 

Perhaps this would speak for some form of applicability statement for DAD, 
to be clear what it is meant to solve and what it isn't.

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