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Re: IPv6 w.g. Last Call on "IPv6 Node Information Queries"

>This is a IPv6 working group last call for comments on advancing the 
>following document as a Proposed Standard:
>	Title		: IPv6 Node Information Queries
>The chairs believe that this draft resolves the issues raised by the 
>IESG.  Given the time that has elapsed, we thought it was important to have 
>another working group last call.  Changes in this draft include:
>  - Move applicability statement to start of document and update
>    introduction.
>  - Removed Qtypes query capabilities
>  - Limit returned TTL in node name to zero and removed text describing
>    non-zero TTLs.
>  - Remove text about A6 records
>  - Change to have all new Qtypes require IETF approval
>  - Updated security considerations

	thank you very much for updating the document.  as stated in the
	last call announcement we use it heavily in network troubleshooting,
	so would really like to see it documented.

	I would like to see IPv4 address query (Qtype=4) go away.  also i don't
	see a need for IPv4 mapped address (Qtype=3 C bit).  it is a protocol
	for IPv6, afterall (if IPv4 variant is needed, it should be defined
	on IPv4, or the "name lookup" document has to become protocol-

	Qtype 3 A bit handling is a little bit complicated.  how about 
	moving the description to the top? (right after the first paragraph
	of 6.3)  without understanding A bit, readers cannot understand the
	interpretation of other bits.

	on page 3, text for NI query code 1 refers to "Supported Qtypes"
	which is no longer there (Qtype=1).  suggestion: remove text starting
	from "as in ....".

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