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Re: Comments on draft-hinden-ipv6-global-local-addr-02.txt

itojun@iijlab.net wrote:
> >> Section 8:
> >>     Note that the address selection mechanisms of [ADDSEL], and in
> >>     particular the policy override mechanism replacing default address
> >>     selection, are expected to be used on a site where Local IPv6
> >>     addresses are configured.
> >>
> >> ==> This will not scale as there is currently no standardized mechanism
> >>          to distribute a policy table to all the nodes within a site.
> >
> >That is a problem that has to be solved anyway. I don't see why it is
> >specific to Bob's draft.
>         i don't think so.  introducing limited-scope (local) IPv6 address is
>         problematical in multiple ways (DNS lookup, can't use as referrals,
>         leakage, just like site-local), so technology that needs "distribution
>         of policy table" is not recommended.

I don't see the connection. 

We will have two-faced DNS, unreferrable addresses, and leakage
anyway. They are part of life on the Internet these days. Having
unique local addresses reduces the damage.

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