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Strange problem with BGP


Few days ago our server was DDoSed and from this while some peers
can't connect. They are in idle state. I tried to clear bgp sessions,
restart bgpd, down tunnels and up it again, but this is for nothing.
I'm using zebra-pj on linux with kernel 2.4.21-grsec. In logs i have:

2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: [Event] BGP connection from host 3ffe:400c:feed::6
2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Transfer temporary BGP peer to existing one
2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Accepting BGP peer delete
2003/07/12 22:37:56 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Connect start to 3ffe:400c:feed::6 fd 23
2003/07/12 22:37:56 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Error] bgp_read_packet error: Connection reset by peer

This problem is only with few peers, other works fine. In logs from my peer
they have that same error "Connection reset by peer". Sometimes when
they restart bgpd session will up. Anyone know something about that?


Marcin Markowski
mail: max@chabrowa.net

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