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Re: Strange problem with BGP

Please bring this up on zebra-pj and/or Linux mailing lists, this is the 
wrong medium for these kind of reports.


On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, Marcin Markowski wrote:
> Few days ago our server was DDoSed and from this while some peers
> can't connect. They are in idle state. I tried to clear bgp sessions,
> restart bgpd, down tunnels and up it again, but this is for nothing.
> I'm using zebra-pj on linux with kernel 2.4.21-grsec. In logs i have:
> 2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: [Event] BGP connection from host 3ffe:400c:feed::6
> 2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Transfer temporary BGP peer to existing one
> 2003/07/12 22:35:28 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Accepting BGP peer delete
> 2003/07/12 22:37:56 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Event] Connect start to 3ffe:400c:feed::6 fd 23
> 2003/07/12 22:37:56 BGP: 3ffe:400c:feed::6 [Error] bgp_read_packet error: Connection reset by peer
> This problem is only with few peers, other works fine. In logs from my peer
> they have that same error "Connection reset by peer". Sometimes when
> they restart bgpd session will up. Anyone know something about that?
> Regards,

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