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Re: [mobile-ip] Using Mobile IPv6 over PPP links

> >
> > Is there any work ongoing to support mobile ipv6 over PPP links ? I am
> > trying
> > to do this but am having problems during movement. When I move from the
> > HN to FN (disconnect the MN's serial cable from one network and reconnect
> > to another network), the device vanishes and I lose the home address. So
> > when I reconnect it to the FN, I get a new device and new foreign address,
> > but
> > since I don't have the home address any longer, movement fails.
> >
> > I don't know if any discussions have taken place about supporting mobility
> > over PPP. Please let me know if anyone has any insight into this, or if
> > there is
> > any work related to this (in IETF or elsewhere).

dont assign the home address to the ppp0 interface.
assigning the home address to a virtual interface 
would be a good idea.

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