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Re: ICMP name lookup implementation survey

On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 01:59 AM, itojun@iijlab.net wrote:
> 	we think multicast portion is the most important of all usage, i.e.
> 	to learn link-local address of peer on a p2p link.  this is the most
> 	important usage in our debugging situations.
> 	(i.e. discover neighbor when routing protocol goes mad)
> 		A -p2p-- B
> 		  -----> NIQ, Qtype=1 to ff02::1
> 		  <----- NI reply with source address (fe80::B) and name
> 	another usage is to know the name of the machine which is sending 
> rogue
> 	RA (this happens too many times in conference environment).
> 		admin		rogue router
> 		  |		  |
> 		==+===============+==
> 		  -----> NIQ, Qtype=1 to ff02::2 (or fe80::rogue)
> 		  <----- NI reply with source address and name

There are actually 2 different usage of multicast. What you are 
describing is
multicast when the subject is an IP address. The other case is multicast
when the subject is a name and you're looking for an IP address.
This second case is the one I do not think is that useful.

	- Alain.

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