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Re: [mobile-ip] Using Mobile IPv6 over PPP links

Bob and Suvidh	

bo.liu@philips.com wrote:
> >dont assign the home address to the ppp0 interface.
> >assigning the home address to a virtual interface
> >would be a good idea.
> If so, how to proceed when the node go back its HN?

thats simple. even though you assign the home address
to a virtual interface, you always assume that ppp0 
is the interface which actually connects to you to
the visited link or home link. you compare prefix
information in any router advert received on ppp0
with the home prefix.

assigning the home address to a virtual interface is
also very useful when you multiple egress interfaces 
(for eg a WLAN and a GPRS interface). you can use the 
same home address irrespective of whichever interface 
you use to connect to the network.

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