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RFC 3513 EUI-48/MAC-48 confusion

Hi Folks,
  Maybe this has been raised before, but I have not found any answers. Appendix A of RFC 3513 has the following text

<<<< FROM RFC3513
Links or Nodes with IEEE 802 48 bit MAC's

   [EUI64] defines a method to create a IEEE EUI-64 identifier from an
   IEEE 48bit MAC identifier.  This is to insert two octets, with
   hexadecimal values of 0xFF and 0xFE, in the middle of the 48 bit MAC
   (between the company_id and vendor supplied id).  For example, the 48
   bit IEEE MAC with global scope
<<<< FROM RFC3513

The referred document [EUI64] talks about a different method of creating EU-I64s from MAC-48s. The procedure followed in the RFC seems to be the one recommended for EUI-48s. Is this the intended behaviour?

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