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Re: comments on address selection API

> 3. There is no explicit text on what an implementation should do if they
>    don't support Mobile IPv6 or CGA addresses.  Should they define these
>    socket option constants and ignore them if set, or should they return
>    EINVAL if set?  Same question for the AI_* flags for getaddrinfo()...
>    My inclination would be to define them, but ignore them when set on
>    such implementations.

"Ignore" seems to be the right thing.
The motivation is to be able to write software (such as a DNS stub resolver)
where using the CoA as source is better for performance when the node is
indeed a mobile IP node away from home. But when this is not the case you
don't want to see a failure or require that the application only set 
PREFER_SRC_COA when it knows it is running on a mobile node away from home.

Makes sense to make that clear in the spec.


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