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Re: Same global address on Multiple Interface of an IP6 node

see inline...,

>I have a generic question on Ipv6.It is :
>Can a single global address (say 2222::1111) be configured on multiple
>interfaces of a single ip6 node. If so is there any specific purpose for
>doing that ??

I'm not sure what you mean here.
There seems to be two possibilities:
1. multiple interfaces connected to different networks. In this case,
   the global addresses cannot be same since the network prefixes MUST
   be unique.
2. multiple interfaces connected to same network. In this case, DAD for
   the address would fail.

Thus multiple interfaces having same address do not make much sense,
except maybe in case of virtual interfaces / backup interfaces etc.

>What about link-local address, how would it be used, if single link local
>address is configured on multiple interface of a same node.

For link local addresses, the scope, i.e. the interface forms a part
of the address itself. Even if the LL address bit pattern is similar,
the scoped address becomes different.


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