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I've read over this draft, and I find it very confusing.  The title of 
the draft is "Limited Range Addressing Requirements".  However, as one 
goes through the document, there is both justification and requirements. 
  What time is spent on the justification for "limited range" addressing 
is using IPv4 and NOT IPv6 logic.  In part I presume this is due to 
somebody's notion of IPv6 registry policies.  I'm not sure.  But here 
are a few "for instances":

> There is a strong requirement for an easy-to-get, stable, private
>    address space for use within a limited range. Reasons include:

> o  avoid costs associated with running a registration infrastructure

I've done this job for a very large company, as have many of you. I 
presume what you are talking about above is the management of network 
allocations.  That doesn't stop whether or not one uses site-locals XXX 
errr.. limited range addressing.  It does get easier with IPv6 given the 
fixed amount of space hosts have.  The vast majority of time is spent 
allocating and reallocating that which has already been assigned by the 
upstream authority.  Only rarely is there any interaction needed with an 
upstream for additional allocations.  It is a low frequency operation 
not to be optimized for.

> o  avoid exposing internal network plans to competitors

This is a procedural artifact of IPv4 that I have to believe can be 
gotten around.  In fact it probably could have been gotten around with 
IPv4 using existing auditing business relationships.

Before I go through the remainder of the document on this list (and I 
believe I have substantial disagreement) I'd request the authors update 
the Terminology section to include at least the following definitions:

1.  "limited range" -- in particular, what is the semantic difference 
between these and SLs?
2.  Redo "range" as its current definition doesn't help me much.
3.  "validity" or "valid"
4.  "filter" or "filtering"



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