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Re: Moving forward on Site-Local and Local Addressing

I've reviewed the minutes from the ipv6 WG meeting in SF and those minutes
reflect my memory that the question about deprecating site-local addresses
was put to the WG independent of any consideration of a replacement
mechanism.  Clarifying e-mail to the ipng mailing list from Margaret
(3/28/2003) further reinforces that the WG was simply asked about
deprecating site-local addresses and not about any possible replacement:

>It became clear that there was significant support
>within the group for deprecating site-local addressing altogether,
>so we decided to call a different questions -- whether or not to
>deprecate site-local addressing.

Bob's e-mail to the ipng mailing list used to judge WG consensus on
deprecating site-local addresses asked:

>The question is:
>          Should we deprecate IPv6 site-local unicast addressing?
>Valid responses are:
>         "YES -- Deprecate site-local unicast addressing".
>         "NO -- Do not deprecate site-local unicast addressing".

which I read to be pretty clearly independent of consideration of any
replacement mechanism.  In response to Bob's question on the WG mailing
list, the YESes followed the format from Bob's e-mail - that is, those YESes
were unconditional "YES -- deprecate SL", not any form of "YES -- deprecate
SL after a suitable replacement has been defined".

So, given that history, on what basis are we now considering the question:

>Specifically should they be deprecated independently from having an 
>alternative solution available, at the same time an alternative is 
>available, or sometime after an alternative is available.

Furthermore, based on the record of the question from the minutes of the SF
meeting and the question put to the ipng mailing list, how was this
conclusion arrived at:

>A fourth alternative is to not replace site-local addresses in any form, 
>but I think the working group has made it clear that this is not a 
>reasonable alternative.

- Ralph

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