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Re: Fourth alternative [was Re: Moving forward ....]


I am sorry, but while it is a good attempt to come up with a happy 
medium between SLs and global addresses, I disagree with the approach 
that draft-hinden-ipv6-global-local-addr-02.txt takes.  I would prefer 
an approach that makes the stability of the IP address less important 
rather than attempting to stablize it (a seemingly lost cause).

What this means to me is that first we need to promulgate something 
along the lines of draft-baker-ipv6-renumber-procedure-00.txt.  It needs 
some expanding to further automate the process.  The more we automate 
the less pain the network manager will feel during a renumbering event.

This changes the problem from one of a scoped address to one of a 
standard default and reduces any ambiguity that we might have.  It 
leaves open the question of how to find a name server, and how a name 
server finds you, but the former can be found with SLP, and the latter 
can then be handled with DDNS.

I'd like to put Fred on the spot (not having asked him) and propose that 
his draft be adopted as a WG doc.


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