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Re: Moving forward on Site-Local and Local Addressing

Geoff Huston wrote:
> At 06:30 PM 6/08/2003 +1000, Aidan Williams wrote:
>  > I can't see significant differences in process between globally unique
> local address allocation and a globally >unique PI address allocation.
> I'd offer the view that there's a lot of difference.
> draft-hinden-ipv6-global-local-addr-02.txt is a good starting point in
> terms of describing the differences
> in characteristics.
> http://www.apnic.net/meetings/16/programme/sigs/docs/policy/addpol-doc-huston-local-use-addrs.doc
> attempts to to refine this draft into some considerations from a registry
> perspective. (If there's interest
> I'll put this out as an Internet Draft)


Three comments on your draft:

1. I don't think the RIRs as institutions have any special standing 
to comment on the locally-assigned variant in draft-hinden. It's a 
technical choice for the WG and the IETF. If you're arguing personally
that you don't like the birthday paradox risk, let's discuss it.

2. Most of your arguments appear to be hinting at a re-run of the ICANN
wars for the centrally assigned variant. Well, that's why there is an
analogy with .org in the draft. You may be right that the pricing level
should be set competitively, but I really don't see this being a gold
rush. There's not much marketing value in a random number. In any case,
you're correct that the IETF can't decide this, but we need to give IANA
the clearest instructions possible.

Incidentally, since these are not routeable addresses, and have no 
geography, it doesn't follow that the RIRs have a role in this part
of the address space. In fact, the RIRs might be quite uncomfortable
with the idea of competing in the sale of random numbers.

3. I feel strongly that this absolutely needs to be a one-time fee.
The idea of constructing an artificial service industry to maintain
an annual registration system for random numbers is plain wasteful.

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