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RE: apps people?

> The few self-described apps people I've seen take
> a stand have to my recollection been strongly
> against dealing with locally scoped addresses .

Let's be clear. Our group (Windows Networking) has received a lot of feedback from developers of applications on the Windows platform. The negative developers' feedback was mostly centered on the difficulty of identifying the scope of an address, specially when a node is connected to several sites (e.g. home network and VPN to the corporate network), or when a node moves from site to site. Since the scope is not indicated in the address itself, applications have to keep track of a "site identifier" of some kind. The bottom line is that ambiguity hurts. The local scope nature also hurts, but not quite as much; it is another case of limited connectivity, which is a common "feature" in many networks.
-- Christian Huitema

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