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Re: Real life scenario - requirements (local addressing)

> - I need some form of local addressing that is not dependent on anyone
> or anything connected to the global internet.

no, you need some form of globally unique address that isn't dependent
on having an external internet connection. 

> - I need this local addressing unique enough that I can safely join my
> network and my friend's network together and allow them to swap
> prefixes.


> - I want hosts in my network to prefer my local address scheme when
> talking to other hosts in my network. 

you've not shown any justification for that.  what do you care what
addresses are used as long as the traffic doesn't escape and/or the
hosts that you don't want to be accessible from outside your
network, aren't accessible from outside your network?

> I want hosts in my network to
> prefer one of the local schemes when talking to hosts in my friend's
> network (since I don't want the packets to leave 'our' network).  

again, you haven't show any justification for that.  it's far easier to
filter global addresses than to filter local ones.

> I want hosts in my network to prefer global addresses when talking
> externally.

why not have them use global addresses whenever possible?  it makes the
applications MUCH simpler...

> - I want my local addresses filtered at appropriate borders,
> preferably without having to set it up myself.

sorry, that's not going to happen.  how are the routers supposed to know
which borders are appropriate without being configured to know?  you've
already suggested you'd like the same set of "local" addresses to
be routed between your network and your friend's network.

> - The ISPs probably want my local addresses filtered too.

then the ISPs can filter them.

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