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Re: apps people?

Tony Hain wrote:

>Leif Johansson wrote:
>>Of course we filter - 
>What is your requirement to do that? I am serious, because those are the
>things the current draft is trying to document. If it is not covered by the
>current text, please send details.
There are obvious reasons for filtering as Bob Austin pointed out last 
morning (time-differentiated threads when you are wrapped-around is a 
nightmare :-) )

Our reasons are the typical ones - mostly protecting from various 
features in M$
software. An important point is that there are few hosts which are 
*only* local.
In my experience a local-only host (eg a database-server part of a 
N-tier application)
are comparatively rare. Using locally scoped addresses for those is just 
more work
than putting the damned thing behind a firewall and filtering everything.

Currently the largest set of locally scoped hosts in my network are 
phones. This is
in itself a major pain since I am unable to deploy sip-to-the edge to 
these phones
and consequently I am in the process of getting globally scoped 
addresses for these

Right now I cannot find a single application where locally scoped 
addresses give
me anything worth the effort. Those are my 5 cents - since you asked for 
details :-)

    Cheers Leif

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