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Re: apps people?

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 06:36:15PM -0700, Michel Py wrote:
> > Mans Nilsson wrote:
> > I fail to see why you need scoped addresses for this.
> > When I want my printer to stay off the net, I remove
> > the default route. Done.
> This does not work because Joe Six-Pack does not know how to remove the
> default route, so the printer will indeed acquire a default gateway by
> DHCP or RA. Not good enough.

Some vendors have thought a bit about Joe Sixpack and security.

I like the method Alcatel use on my combined 802.11/DSL home router.  If I
want to add a new wireless device for home access, rather than having anything
able to associate, or a manual/web configuration of MAC address, I only need
press an "allow association" button that will for 20-30 seconds let any
device attach, from which point that MAC address is remembered.   Of course
not ideal security, but a nice solution for the home user.

Similar approaches could be adopted for the types of scenarios here.

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