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RE: Multi-homing (was RE: Moving backward [Re: Fourth alternative [wasRe: Moving forward ....]])

Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> I share Tony's frustration with long hiatus in multi6, but it 
> seems to be unstuck at the moment. I also agree that it's 
> hard to separate the topics, but I see no practical advantage 
> in repatriating the multihoming issue into this WG, which 
> already has a diverse agenda.

Yes it is unstuck, but I strongly suggest it be brought back into this WG
because (1) it is way outside the bounds of figuring out how to operate a
multihomed network, and into rearchitecting the system in ways that will
seriously undermine all assumptions about reachability and security, (2) is
completely off the radar of anyone that did not stick it out through the
dead time, & (3) is the root of the discussion here about the utility of
simultaneous use of addresses with different reachability characteristics. 


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