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RE: apps people?

> fredrik@packetfront.com wrote:
> Please describe for me what consumer networks (a home connection
> to an ADSL provider for example) that have dynamic routing with
> their service providers?

Mine, for example. I have a residential SBC aDSL line, single static IP,
256kbit up / 1mbit down for $49/mo which is mainstream in California. I
have two IPv4 eBGP peers, three IPv6 eBGP peers (not the same ones as
v4), six EIGRP neighbors across IPSEC tunnels and I also do VOIP across
tunnels, p2p file sharing (for educational purposes only, you
understand) and some other stuff.

For customers I have installed lots of Cisco 800 series for ISDN, IDSL
and ADSL, some of which with built-in voice such as the 827-4V for aDSL
or the uBR924/925 for cable and they all have dynamic routing and
route-maps, and these are at people's homes, but part of their business

Just because you've never seen any does not mean it does not exist.

> Ok, so you mean that people like Sprint and Telia doesn't use
> route-filtering on their BGP peers in order to allow only paying
> customers transit? And that they doesn't use route-filtering on
> their incoming BGP peers from multihoming customers to ensure
> that those customers do not announce the Internet back to them?

Yes they do and so do I, what is your point? Your view appears to be
limited to a very small fraction of the Internet and appears to stop at
the border router of the enterprise. Beyond these border routers, there
are hundreds and sometimes thousands of routers in the private network.


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