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RE: Moving forward on Site-Local and Local Addressing

OK thanks.  I believe we have a solution all of us should be able to
live with here in hinden and hain/templin works.  If we all really just
make sure they are technically accurate in Aug/Sept have discussion to
move them forward we can wrap them up at Minneapolis (why are we going
to such a cold place in November geeezzzzzzzzzzzz) we can annouce we
figured it out and move forward.  

Then we can deprecate SLs safely.

My input to all of you.  SLs are not even close to the usefulness of the
hinden + hain/templin work.  This stuff will actually be useful and SLs
are not currently.  To me as implementor and working with one of the
largest users/enterprise in the world to determine how to deploy Ipv6
this is going to work.



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>Subject: RE: Moving forward on Site-Local and Local Addressing
>"Bound, Jim" <jim.bound@hp.com> wrote:
>|The hinden draft has no impact because of "scoping" at all 
>|for implementation that was the point.  So the problem is far simpler 
>|and why it is good solution.
>|What scoping issue do you see?
>I didn't say I see a "scoping issue."  I see an issue with 
>removing site-locals without first providing a replacement 
>that offers the same (or greater) capabilities.  This is 
>particularly important because there is no clear agreement on 
>what capabilities site-locals currently offer. Many site-local 
>detractors argue that site-locals don't provide any 
>"legitimate" capabilities at all, presumably because scoped 
>addressing is not itself "legitimate."  If site-locals are 
>removed before we see their replacement, I have every 
>expectation that some folks will argue
>(loudly) that the correct replacement is no replacement.  In 
>the less extreme case, it seems that subtle combinations of 
>the random restrictions being suggested for replacements may 
>thwart one or more of the uses that I expected for 
>site-locals.  Finally, I'm concerned that any solution might 
>be seen as necessary only for the mythical "enterprise" and 
>thus be cost- prohibitive for the small business and home 
>user.  We really need so see the replacement first...
>				Dan Lanciani
>				ddl@danlan.*com
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>|> From: Dan Lanciani [mailto:ipng-incoming@danlan.com]
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>|> Subject: Re: Moving forward on Site-Local and Local Addressing
>|> |C) Deprecate Site-Local addresses after an alternative is defined, 
>|> |standardized, and in operational practice.  This would mean
>|> not advancing a
>|> |deprecation document until there was operational evidence that the
>|> |alternative was working and shown to be an improvement over 
>|> Site-Local
>|> |addresses.
>|> |
>|> |Note:  In the above choices "Deprecate Site-Local addresses" means 
>|> |publishing an RFC that does the formal deprecation.
>|> |
>|> |Please respond to the list with your preference, or if there is an 
>|> |alternative approach that is an improvement from the ones I
>|> outlined.  I
>|> |hope that many of you will respond.
>|> I vote for C.  Given the disagreement on the "legitimate"
>|> uses of site local addresses (and scoped addressing in 
>|> general) it will be difficult to be sure that a replacement 
>|> actually solves all the problems that everyone concerned 
>|> expected site-locals to solve, and does so in a way that is 
>|> not prohibitively difficult/expensive to deploy.
>|> 				Dan Lanciani
>|> 				ddl@danlan.*com
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