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RE: draft-hain-templin-ipv6-limitedrange-00.txt


> Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> And the fact is that enterprise network managers are
> very happy to have a class of addresses that cannot be
> globally routed and are filtered by default as bogons
> by all ISPs.

You forget that the very reason RFC1918 addresses are filtered as bogons
is precisely because they are ambiguous.

> So they just love RFC 1918 addresses for that, and
> hate them for their ambiguity (since that creates a
> mess when they have to be routed anyway, e.g. on VPNs).
> The main point of this draft, as far as I'm concerned,
> is to convey this requirement, which isn't met either
> by PA prefixes or the old SL prefix.

The requirement was met fine by the SL prefix; the only reason they
still are ambiguous is because both Bob and I put our drafts to remove
ambiguity from SLs on the back burner due to the deprecation situation.


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