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RE: apps people?

Keith Moore wrote:
> > > Since IPv6 prefixes are going to be mapped along the same
> > > boundaries as IPv4 prefixes ie., layer 2 broadcast domains, 
> > > IPv6 route filtering in an government network will be just as 
> > > dull a tool as it is in IPv4. 
> > 
> > This shows IPv4 thinking, where the network has a single 
> prefix / L2. 
> > While I agree the initial deployments will likely mirror the IPv4 
> > network, there is no reason to preclude having additional 
> prefixes / 
> > L2, where the reachability characteristics are different.
> ...except that apps won't have any way of knowing which 
> prefixes to use for which purposes.

Only due to the refusal to accept that hinden/haberman prefixes would
provide a clue, and those used with the bellovin/zill RA provide a clear
indication to any app that cares to look. 


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