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I've just submitted a proposal for how to make use of stable, limited
range addresses on a local network without advertising those addresses
in DNS (or other application referral mechanisms) - and which I hope
will therefore minimize leakage.  The idea is to advertise potential
prefix substitutions using an extension to RA.  Since the "limited
range" addresses are only exposed through RA (no need to expose them in
DNS or elsewhere), then I think they should be less likely to leak out
and cause problems.

This proposal doesn't limit the organization to a single "range scope",
or for that matter, a single stable prefix.  different stable prefixes
can be used within different portions of the same network if that is 
found to be desirable.

In contrast to draft-bellovin-ipv6-accessprefix, this proposal doesn't
make any claims about the suitability of substituted prefixes for access
control- in fact, use of a substitute prefix is always optional. 
My proposal is only intended to allow consenting apps to discover a
prefix that is stable across renumbering events. 

virtual preprints available at


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