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Moving the ipng mailing list


After many years of service Sun Microsystems has indicated that they can no 
longer administer the ipng mailing list of the IPv6 working 
group.  Consequentially, we will be moving the list in next two or three 
weeks.  Sun will continue to manage the list through the transition.

We first want to thank the folks at Sun for keeping the list going and 
dealing with bounces, spam, and all of the other things that come up with a 
large public mailing list.  This has been an important contribution to the 
IPv6 working group and the IETF in general.  Thank you!!!

The current plan is to move the list to ietf.org.  Everyone currently 
subscribed to ipng@sunroof.eng.sun.com will be subscribed to the new 
list.  You will not have to subscribe to the new list if you are currently 
subscribed to the old one.  This should keep the disruption of moving to a 

Once the new list is set up and announced as operational, we will ask Sun 
to setup a fixed error message in response to any posting to the old 
address saying the list has moved and ask the sender to resend the email to 
the new list address.

We need a volunteer to be the list owner to handle the bounces, SPAM, 
etc.  This is an important job.  If you are interested in doing this, 
please respond directly to the chairs and include any experience you have 
doing this for other lists.  Having a few people share this job would be fine.

One small point.  The list is currently named "ipng".  We could keep the 
name the same or change it to "ipv6" to be consistent with the current name 
of the working group.  Please let the chairs know if you have a strong 
preference one way or the other.

More news later as the details get worked out.


Bob Hinden and Margaret Wasserman
IPv6 w.g. chairs

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