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Re: IPv6 Link-Local Use Issue for Applications

> I'm not arguing that general-purpose apps should do anything special to
> support link-local addresses.  For the most part, I doubt they'll ever
> see them, since link-local addresses won't be in the DNS.
> But then again, I don't think that most apps need to do anything to
> discourage their use with link-local addresses.  A standard server
> listening on some TCP port, accepting connections, and just chatting
> with the peer over that stream, doesn't need to care whether the client
> is using a global or a link-local address. 

really?  what is a "standard" server, anyway?  a SIP server certainly
does care.  an HTTP server that returns redirects might care.  lots
of servers log IP addresses, and they care at least to the extent
that they might want to log the scope_id or interface name of an LL
address in addition to the address itself.  and it would make perfect
sense for some apps - in particular those that do referrals - to refuse to
talk to LL addresses at all. 

Sure enough, you can get away with using LL addresses for some apps.
but it's a big stretch to say that LL addresses are good enough for 
most apps.  There are too many cases where they fail.

LL addresses are simply not suitable for general-purpose use, not even
on ad hoc networks. 


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