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RE: IPv6 Link-Local Use Issue for Applications

> What I am saying is IPv6 has to work without LLMNR today.
> So lets assume the application obtains address to send to from
> foo.here.now.com by getaddrinfo not from user interface?
> You said LLs should not be in DNS.
> Hence.  This case will not work for LLs.

	you can resolve the name "foo.here.now.com" into link-local address
	with scope id by LLMNR.

> Lets assume app uses command line and app name is mickeyfinn
> csh> mickeyfinn fe80::1 
> May or may not work correctly.

	correct.  it won't work as the specified address is ambiguous.
	error mode might be OS dependent.

> If
> csh> mickeyfinn fe80::1%eth0
> How did the user know to use "eth0"  (That is the issue.........)
> Lets just discuss the above for now for clarity?

	LLMNR (or icmp6 node info query).

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