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Re: Some IPv6LL operational experience

> Keith Moore wrote:
> > ...  What's foolish is to assume 
> > that everyone uses the Internet, now and in the future, 
> > exactly like you've seen it used within your limited experience.
> Yet you want to do exactly that by insisting that all apps for all
> time want to view the network as a globally flat-routed space.

I have yet to see anything that would justify changing this fundamental
design feature of IP.

> > The IETF does not exist to bless stupidity or shortsightness.
> I couldn't have said it better myself.

glad you agree :)

> > ...
> > > http will work as well,
> > 
> > Maybe, as long as you don't do redirects.
> Redirects work fine if they are based on names rather than literals.

nope, that just causes a different set of failures under different

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