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Re: Accept hain/templin draft as wg item?


Chirayu Patel wrote:

>Hi Fred,
>I did a quick comparison with my set of comments, and I am happy. :-)
>Just one minor point.
>I had asked for adding text that would make it mandatory for each proposal to
>include statistical analysis for 
>	1) Probability of collision when "x" networks are merged, when "n"
>addresses have been chosen from the address space of "m" values.
>	2) Probability to choose a duplicate address after "a" addresses have
>been chosen from the address space of "m".
>I see you have added a sentence stating that proposals should include
>statistical analysis. Is there any reason why you do not want to include the
>above two points?

My concern was that that text was tending toward very specific 
formulation but
I am not yet convinced that it captures the necessary and sufficient 
criteria for
analysis. I believe we are in fact beginning to see a distillation of 
the criteria
through the current wg discussions, but I don't think we are quite ready 
to write
a tight formal specification - perhaps soon.

BTW, the hain/templin -02 draft update is now available at:




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