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Request to Advance "IP Forwarding Table MIB"

Thomas, Margaret,

The chairs of the IPv6 working group, on behalf of the working group, 
request that the following document be published as a Proposed Standard:

	Title		: IP Forwarding Table MIB
	Author(s)	: M. Wasserman, B. Haberman
	Filename	: draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2096-update-05.txt
	Pages		: 34
	Date		: 2003-8-29

A working group last call for this document was completed on 16 July 
2003.  This draft resolves issues raised during the last call.  This draft 
was reviewed by a "MIB Doctor" on 30 August 2003 and deemed ready for IETF 
last call.

Bob Hinden / Margaret Wasserman
IPv6 Working Group Chairs

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