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Update on Moving the IPng List

As was announced in late August the ipng list will be moved to 
ietf.org.  The list will be renamed:


The new name is consistent with the current name of the working 
group.  Everyone who sent feedback on the name change supported this.

Everyone currently subscribed to ipng@sunroof.eng.sun.com will be 
automatically subscribed to the new list.  You will not have to subscribe 
to the new list if you are currently subscribed to the old one.

The plan is to make the change tomorrow.  Everyone currently subscribed 
will receive a subscription message announcing the new list.  Announcements 
will also be sent to the old list before it is disabled and to the new list.

We also wanted to thank every one who volunteered to help manage the 
list.  We received more responses that were needed.  You will hear back 
directly with more information in a day or two.


Bob Hinden and Margaret Wasserman
IPv6 w.g. chairs

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